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Cancer's shield seen, stripped
Megan Scudellari | Nov 4, 2010
Researchers find - and reverse - tumors' ability to hide from the immune system
Which bug is ugliest?
Jef Akst | Nov 4, 2010
Decision 2010 -- Cast your vote for this year's creepiest insect
Same poop, different gut
Cristina Luiggi | Nov 3, 2010
For physicians and researchers alike, fecal transplants present an opportunity to gain insight into disease
Top 7 genetics papers
Alison McCook | Nov 2, 2010
A snapshot of the highest-ranked articles in genetics and related areas in the past 30 days
Gut bugs affect mating
Jef Akst | Nov 1, 2010
Differences in diet alter the composition of microbiota in Drosophila, which appears to in turn influence mate preferences -- and drive speciation
Strong immunity=low fertility
Vanessa Schipani | Oct 28, 2010
A study in wild sheep may help explain why natural selection has not eradicated weak or self-destructive immune systems
Amber treasures
Amber treasures
Bob Grant | Oct 28, 2010
See some of the newly discovered species preserved for millions of years in tree resin.
Directing attention via machine
Megan Scudellari | Oct 27, 2010
A new brain-machine interface demonstrates how humans direct their thoughts
Top 7 Hidden Jewels
Vanessa Schipani | Oct 26, 2010
Check out the hottest papers from less obvious journals, as ranked by F1000
Giant marine virus found
Jef Akst | Oct 25, 2010
Researchers discover yet another virus with a large, complex genome, suggesting they may be fairly common