Daily News
Opinion: Bugs can solve food crisis
Arnold van Huis | Sep 29, 2010
A tropical entomologist argues that edible insects offer a sustainable alternative for conventional meat
Library cuts threaten research
Megan Scudellari | Sep 28, 2010
As journal cancellations sweep across the US, scientists worry about how they will affect research
Opinion: Encourage alternatives III
Nathan L. Vanderford | Sep 28, 2010
PhD programs should integrate relevant non-laboratory work experience into their curricula
Accidental biology
Richard P. Grant | Sep 24, 2010
A self-taught artist discovered the world of biology by dabbling in watercolors
Opinion: Citation mutation, revisited
Christian Specht | Sep 23, 2010
The discussion surrounding article references that acquire heritable mistakes continues
Opinion: Mutations of citations
Christian G. Specht | Sep 16, 2010
Just like genetic information, citations can accumulate heritable mutations
Cheating yeast help group
Carrie Arnold | Sep 14, 2010
New results show that yeast populations grow better when a few individuals cheat the system
Opinion: Seafood needs better science
Gina M. Solomon, M.D., M.P.H. and Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, M.P.H. | Aug 24, 2010
Improved assessment needed to protect Gulf seafood consumers after the oil spill, say two environmental health scientists
Book Review: The Wolf's Tooth
David Ausband | Aug 20, 2010
A canid biologist considers a new book about the ecological impacts of returning America's predators to their ancestral lands
Flies obey unique flight rules
Carrie Arnold | Aug 19, 2010
Unlike other insects, flies use the presence of horizontal edges to control their flying altitude