Daily News
Regulatory DNAs may be missed
Charles Choi | Mar 24, 2006
Nonconserved, noncoding regulatory sequences could be new mutation targets
Britain doing well in biological sciences
Stephen Pincock | Mar 23, 2006
New report shows UK scientists have higher impact in pre-clinical and biological research
Readers respond
Katy Taylor, John J. Pippin, and Claude Reiss | Mar 23, 2006
Reactions to a recent news story calling for a journal to retract antivivisectionist papers
Hesitations over Hungary?s H5N1 vaccine
Clementine Wallace | Mar 22, 2006
Scientists say data are too preliminary to determine whether or not the vaccine actually works
Stem cell density highest in Israel
Ned Stafford | Mar 21, 2006
Israeli scientists published most stem cell articles per capita since 2000, although US produced most in total
PCRM denied access to research
Ted Agres | Mar 20, 2006
Ohio Supreme Court says university does not have to hand over spinal cord injury training videos to animal rights group
An X chromosome balancing act
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Mar 17, 2006
Trio of papers shed light on the molecular mechanisms underpinning dosage compensation of the X chromosome in male fruit flies
Fetal proteins protect against rejection
Charles Choi | Mar 17, 2006
Findings provide new clues to why mothers don?t attack fetal tissue
Seeing single protein production
Melissa Lee Phillips | Mar 16, 2006
Papers in Nature and Science provide the first methods for observing translation of single protein molecules in real time
CMAJ loses most of its Editorial Board
Doug Payne | Mar 16, 2006
Sixteen board members leave the Canadian journal due to ongoing debate over editorial independence