Daily News
Modeling pandemic avian flu
Ishani Ganguli | Feb 21, 2006
New model suggests containment won't be enough, but experts question value of flu predictions
Hunger hormone tied to learning
Melissa Lee Phillips | Feb 20, 2006
Study shows ghrelin improves learning and memory, but some researchers remain unconvinced
Exposing lithium?s circadian action
Melissa Lee Phillips | Feb 17, 2006
Study shows that lithium regulates circadian gene expression through a nuclear hormone receptor
Success of synthetic model
Melissa Lee Phillips | Feb 16, 2006
Study provides evidence that characterizing simple gene networks can help elucidate more complex systems
How regulation hamstrings animal research
Göran Hellekant | Feb 15, 2006
US agencies change previously effective rules, give oversight to people unfamiliar with the benefits of animal research, and place unreasonable demands on researchers
Rare NO synthase jumpstarts erections
Ishani Ganguli | Feb 15, 2006
Alternatively spliced form enables process in mice lacking the primary enzyme
Australian climate researchers gagged?
Stephen Pincock | Feb 14, 2006
Former CSIRO scientists say they have been pressured over talking about climate change
Fears of Africa flu spread
Stephen Pincock | Feb 14, 2006
The virus has probably been killing poultry for weeks, but migratory birds are likely not to blame
1918 flu study delayed two years
John Dudley Miller | Feb 13, 2006
University of Washington research on hold due to changing biocontainment rules
Detecting fraud at journals
Don Monroe | Feb 10, 2006
Many editors are considering measures to check for signs of misconduct in submissions