I can't wait to read these books on "design" (S. Bunk, The Scientist, 12[8]:4, April 13, 1998)--just as soon as I finish "The Bible Code." I'm sure an anthropologist and a philosopher can help correct the deficient, evolution-centric thinking of brainwashed biologists everywhere. I'd particularly like to know if the fire ant mounds in my backyard are the product of intelligent design. If I run Dr. (Jeremy) Narby's algorithm on these mounds, and it turns out they are intelligently designed, hoo boy, is there going to be hell to pay!

Just a note: If, after some 150 years, we don't have a definition for intelligence, isn't it a bit premature to try and define "intelligent design," or is it like pornography? You know it when you see it?

Randy M. Wadkins, Ph.D.
Cancer Therapy & Research Center
Institute for Drug Development
14960 Omicron Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78245...

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