S.H. Devoto, M. Mudryj, J. Pines, T. Hunter, J.R. Nevins, "A cyclin A-protein kinase complex possesses sequence-specific DNA binding activity: p33.MDSU/cdk2 is a component of the E2F-cyclin A complex," Cell, 68:167-76, 1992.

Joseph R. Nevins (Section of Genetics, Duke University Medical Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Durham, N.C.): "A series of experiments performed in 1991 led to the realization that the cellular transcription factor E2F, previously studied as a component of transcription of an early adenovirus gene, was a target for the action of the retinoblastoma gene product. This finding coalesced studies directed at understanding the action of E1A as a transcriptional regula- tory protein, through the activation of E2F, together with studies directed at E1A's oncogenic role, by binding to proteins such as Rb. In short, it appeared that the binding of E1A to Rb was a consequence of the action of E1A to disrupt the E2F complex...

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