Researchers analyzing protein-based drugs with mass spectrometry must handle challenges including analyte ion distribution over multiple charge states. The ZenoTOF 7600 system is a high-resolution mass spectrometry technology that pairs Zeno trap with electron activated dissociation (EAD) and allows scientists to accelerate drug discovery and development programs by identifying and localizing amino acid-specific PTMs across all charge states. Additionally, scientists use this system to obtain highly descriptive fragment information and highly accurate positional confirmation; dramatically increase fragment ion coverage; and quickly and accurately produce intact and subunit results with confidence.

Download this technical note from SCIEX to learn how to achieve

  • Advanced characterization of protein therapeutics with Zeno trap and EAD
  • Optimized single injection analysis results for biopharmaceutical proteins
  • Efficient, comprehensive, and confident peptide identification and differentiation, and localization of PTMs, including glycosylation
  • Fine-tuned electron kinetic energy and flexibility for specific analyte fragmentation

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