X.G. Chen, F. Wilczek, A. Zee, "Chiral spin states and superconductivity," Physical Review B, 39, 11413-23, 1 June 1989.

Frank Wilczek (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.): "This paper represents the convergence of two apparently unrelated lines of thought: the possibility of `spin liquids' and the possible occurrence of quasiparticles (anyons) intermediate between bosons and fermions. Much of the recent interest in chiral spin liquids and anyons has centered on their possible relevance to the description of the cuprate high-temperature superconductors. Anyons definitely do provide a natural mechanism for high-temperature supercon- ductivity, but their relevance to the description of the known materials is unclear at present.

"Whether or not the ideas advanced in this paper lead to a satisfactory microscopic theory of the cuprate superconductors, I believe they have a bright future. The chiral spin liquids defined a very interesting and natural class of spin orderings that nature...

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