S.R. Jordan, C.O. Pabo, "Structure of the lambda-complex at 2.5 Å resolution: Details of the repressor-operator interactions," Science, 242, 893-9, 11 November 1988.

Steve Jordan (Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc., La Jolla, Calif.): "The structure of the lambda repressor-operator complex was of great interest not only because it tied together a wealth of experimental data concerning the specific question of how lambda repressor binds to its operator, DNA, but also because the structure gave new insights into the general question of how proteins recognize a specific sequence of B-form DNA.

"The cocrystal structure confirmed the general features of a previous model, which was based upon the structure of the protein alone. But certain details of that model were shown to be incorrect. The cocrystal structure also explained some experimental data that could not be explained by the earlier model, such as how the N-terminal arm of repressor is used in...

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