M. Schuermann, M. Neuberg, J.B. Hunter, T. Jenuwein, et al., "The leucine repeat motif in Fos protein mediates complex formation with Jun/AP-1 and is required for transformation," Cell, 56, 507-16, 10 February 1989.

M. Neuberg, M. Schuermann, J.B. Hunter, R. Müller, "Two functionally different regions in Fos are required for the sequence-specific DNA interaction of the Fos/Jun protein complex," Nature, 338, 589-90, 13 April 1989.

Manfred Neuberg (Institut für Molekularbiologie und Tumorforschung, Phillipps- Universität Marburg, W.Ger.): "The results published in these articles provided evidence that the regularly spaced leucines in Fos and Jun are structurally important features for dimerization of the two proteins, as proposed in the leucine zipper model by W.H. Landschulz, P.F. Johnson, and S.L. McKnight. (Science, 240:1759-64, 1988). We could show that dimerization of Fos and Jun is a prerequisite for DNA binding of the protein complex to the TPA...

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