P. Sassone-Corsi, J.C. Sisson, I.M. Verma, "Transcriptional autoregulation of the proto-oncogene fos," Nature, 334, 314-9, 28 July 1988.

Inder M. Verma (The Salk Institute, San Diego): "The paper showed for the first time that the transcription of nuclear oncogenes is autoregulated. It is generally believed that many nuclear oncoproteins can cause cancer if they are transcribed in an unregulated fashion. Autoregulation is one way to regulate their transcription. We showed that fos protein can shut off the transcription of its own promoter; therefore, the amounts of the fos protein are modulated very tightly. This manuscript set the stage for identifying other oncoproteins that are regulated in a similar fashion. This intricate mechanism of regulation shows how cancer genes can become transforming if they are synthesized in an inappropriate place and perhaps at an inappropriate level."

G. Draetta, D. Beach, "Activation of cdc2 protein kinase during mitosis in human...

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