T.T.M. Palstra, B. Batlogg, L.F. Schneemeyer, J.V. Waszczak, "Thermally activated dissipation in Bi2.2Sr2Ca0.8Cu208+ð," Physical Review Letters, 61 (14), 1662-5, 3 October 1988.

PL. Gammel, L.F. Schneemeyer, J.V. Waszczak, D.J. Bishop, "Evidence from mechanical measurements for flux-lattice melting in single-crystal YBa2Cu3O7 and Bi2.2Sr2Ca0.8Cu2O8," Physical Review Letters, 61 (14), 1666-9, 3 October 1988.

Bertram Batlogg (AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J.): "Both of these papers deal with problems associated with magnetic flux motion in the new high-temperature super-conductors. Superconductivity is usually associated with zero resistance, but when one applies a sufficiently strong magnetic field, magnetic flux lines can move and create resistance.

"What's new about our work is that it showed how large this effect actually is in the new high-temperature super-conductors. We showed that the new...

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