P.W.H. Bolland, B.L.M. Hogan, "Expression of homeo box genes during mouse development," Genes & Development, 2(7), 773-82, July 1988.

Brigid L.M. Hogan (Department of Cell Biology, Vanderbilt University Medical School, Nashville, Tenn.): "The subdivision of Drosophiia into distinct body segments is regulated by development genes, many of which have a highly conserved DNA sequence known as a homeobox In 1984, Bill . McGinnis and his colleagues published the unexpected observation that homeobox sequences are also present in many different organisms, including mouse and man, raising the exciting possibility that a common set of genetic rules underlies the establishment of their basic body plans (W. McGinnis, R.L. Garber, J. Wirz, A. Kuroiwa, W.J. Gehring, Cell, 31, 403-8, 1984). Our paper reviewed data from many labs on the temporal and spatial patterns of expression of homeobox genes in mouse embryos. The data support the hypothesis that homeobox genes play a central role...

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