R.J. Birgeneau, D..R,Gabbe, H.P. Jenssen, M.A. Kastner, P.J. Picone, T.R. Thurston, G. Shirane, Y. Endoh M. Sato, K. Yarnada, Y. Hidaka, M. Oda, Y. Enomoto, M. Suzuki, T. Murakami, "Antiferromagnetic spin correlations in insulating metallic and superconducting La2-xSrxCuO4," Physical Review B- Condensed Matter, 38(10), 6614-23, 1 October 1988.

Marc A. Kastner (Department of Physics, MIT, Cambridge, Mass.): "This paper gave the first clear evidence that magnetic effects persist into the superconducting phase of one of the new high-Tc materials. It is one in a series of reports to come out of an extremely successful collaboration between U.S. labs (at MIT and Brookhaven) and Japanese labs. In this series, we have reported in-depth studies of a single crystal lanthanum-based compound. Our efforts to grasp superconductivity at the microscopic level have allowed us to test the various theories of the phenomenon, and our experiments have...

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