The articles listed below, all less than a year old, have received a substantially greater number of citations than those in the same subject area and of the same vintage. A citation-tracking algorithm of the Institute for Scientific Information has identified these articles.

G. Baskaran, Z. Zou, E.W. Anderson, “The resonating valence bond state and high-Tc superconductivity. a mean field theory,” Solid State Communcations, 63 (11), 973-6, September 1987

P.J. Bjorkman, M.A. Saper, B. Samraoui, WS. Bennett, J.L. Strominger, D.C. Wiley, “Structure of the human class I histocompatibiity antigen, HLA-A2,” Nature, 329 (6139), 506-12, 8 October 1987.

PK. Gallagher, H.M. O’Bryan, S.A. Sunshine, D.W Murphy, “Oxygen stoichiometry in Ba2YCu3Ox,” Materials Research Bulletin, 22 (7), 995- 1006, July 1987.

E.P. Hoffman, A.P. Monaco, C.C. Feener, L.M. Kunkel, “Conservation of the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy gene in mice and humans,” Science, 236 (4825), 347-50, 16 October 1987.

J.D. Jorgensen,...

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