Image of the Day: Blooming Algae

The British Phycological Society declares the winners of a photography contest for images of algae.

Jul 9, 2018
Sukanya Charuchandra
A living colony of Licmophora sp.

The British Phycological Society announced the winners of the Hilda Canter-Lund Annual Photography Award last week (July 4). Since 2009, the organization has given awards for photographs with an algal theme. 

This year’s winner is Rafael Martín-Ledo, an independent researcher from Spain, for his microscopy image of diatoms. Martín-Ledo fished a sample of the algae, which usually grow on flotsam, out of the Bay of Santander in Spain.

The first runner-up is John Huisman, the curator of the Western Australian Herbarium, for his underwater image of a type of red algae, called Ganonema, found off the northwest coast of Australia at Ashmore Reef.

Red algae Ganonema