Image of the Day: 100-Million-Year-Old Flower

Scientists think dinosaurs brushed these ancient flowers into pools of tree resin, creating fossils preserved in amber.  

The Scientist Staff
Sep 21, 2017

Tropidogyne pentapteraGEORGE POINAR JR, OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY A newly described ancient flower, Tropidogyne pentaptera, was found preserved in amber since the Cretaceous period. According to a news release, researchers think it may have gotten stuck in tree resin 100 million years ago, after a dinosaur nudged it from its branches. 

See G.O. Poinar et al., “Tropidogyne pentaptera, sp. nov., a new mid-Cretaceous fossil angiosperm flower in Burmese amber,” Palaeodiversity, 10:135-40, 2017.

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