Image of the Day: Camera-Toting Penguin

Researchers and BBC filmmakers strapped cameras to animals around the world for a new three-part nature series.

The Scientist Staff
Feb 12, 2018

A penguin wears a camera during the filming of Animals With Cameras.

What’s the best way to film from a bird’s-eye view? If you’re a filmmaker for the BBC’s new nature series Animals With Cameras, you make a penguin the photographer. To make the three-part series, filmmakers strapped cameras to penguins, meerkats, cheetahs, chimpanzees, and other animals. “You can get [the cameras] onto an animal at the size it's comfortable for the animal to wear, that won’t affect their behavior,” series producer Dan Rees tells BBC News. “We can’t go down into burrows, high into the air, deep under the sea,” he says, and attaching cameras to the animals allowed them unprecedented access to their lives. The series began airing last week (February 1).