Image of the Day: Mustachioed Monkey

A scientist confirms a new species of patas monkey in Ethiopia.

The Scientist Staff and The Scientist Staff
Jan 18, 2018

An adult male Blue Nile patas monkey (Erythrocebus poliophaeus), Beijing ZooJONAS LIVET

Primatologist Spartaco Gippoliti confirmed the existence of a second species of the mustache-wearing patas monkey in a study published in Primate Conservation last year. Patas monkeys are fast runners, able to reach a speed of 34 miles per hour, and are native to the Blue Nile basin in western Ethiopia and Sudan.

S. Gippoliti, “On the taxonomy of Erythrocebus with a re-evaluation of Erythrocebus poliophaeus (Reichenbach, 1862) from the Blue Nile region of Sudan and Ethiopia,” Primate Conservation, 31:53-59, 2017.