Image of the Day: This Is Not a Penis

Scientists encountered a marine worm strikingly reminiscent of a human phallus, along with other bizarre creatures, while exploring deep seas off of the Australian coast this summer.

The Scientist Staff
Aug 29, 2017

1. Peanut worm likely belonging to the genus Sipunculus; 2. False coral or Corallimorpharia; 3. Sea cucumber, a sea star relative.ROB ZUGARO, ASHER FLATT, MUSEUMS VICTORIAThis June, a team lead by Museums Victoria researchers happened upon several odd-looking creatures during a month-long exploration of an area deep in the ocean between Southern Queensland and Tasmania, says Anna Quinn, Museums Victoria communications officer, in an email to The Scientist.

The animals encountered include an exoskeleton-less false coral, an aptly named sea cucumber, and, perhaps the strangest of all, a penis-shape peanut worm that looks more like a peanut when it draws in its head.