C.J. McMahan, J.L. Slack, B. Mosley, D. Cosman, et al., "A novel IL-1 receptor, cloned from B-cells by mammalian expression, is expressed in many cell types," The EMBO Journal, 10:2821-32, 1991.

John E. Sims (Immunex Research and Development Corp., Seattle): "Interleukin-1 is a central mediator of inflammatory responses, and it has significant immune and hematopoietic effects, as well. For these reasons, it is highly desirable to understand its mechanisms of action and, hopefully, to discover ways of regulating its activity. With this aim, several years ago we cloned an interleukin-1 receptor, now known as the type I receptor. At the time, that was the only IL-1 receptor known, but the subsequent availability of cDNA probes and antibodies to the type I receptor revealed the existence of a second IL-1 receptor, which we called the type II receptor; it is described in this paper.

"I think the work reported has been...

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