D. Kabelitz, A. Bender, S. Schondelmaier, B. Schoel, S.H.E. Kaufmann, "A large fraction of human peripheral blood g/d+ T cells is activated by Mycobacterium tuberculosis but not by its 65-kD heat shock protein," Journal of Experimental Medicine, 171:667-679, 1990.

Dieter Kabelitz (University of Heidelberg, Germany): "T cells expressing the g/d+ T cell receptor constitute a distinct class of T cells with as-yet-unknown function. Several groups have recently shown that murine (and some human) g/d+ T cells recognize mycobacterial heat shock proteins (hsp). This has provided a basis for the hypothesis that g/d + 5 T cells might cross-react with autologous hsp, thereby possibly contributing to autoimmune disease.

"In our study, we have compared the frequency of human peripheral blood g/d + T cells that respond to mycobacterial hsp 65 or to heat-killed mycobacteria, respectively. We found that only a minor fraction of g/d + T cells respond to...

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