These papers were selected from multiple disciplines from the Faculty of 1000, a Web-based literature awareness tool http://www.facultyof1000.com.

A.J. Dupuy et al., "Mammalian mutagenesis using a highly mobile somatic Sleeping Beauty transposon system," Nature, 436:221–6, July 14, 2005.

This paper describes a modification of the Sleeping Beauty fish transposon which allows it to be used for efficient mutagenesis screens in mice. The authors provide proof-of-principle for the usefulness of the transposon (which can be targeted to any tissue) by the identification of multiple cancer genes.

Hans CleversThe Academic Biomedical Center, University of Utrecht

J. Liou et al., "STIM is a Ca2+ sensor essential for Ca2+-store-depletion-triggered Ca2+ influx," Curr Biol, 15:1235–41, July 12, 2005.

The mechanisms controlling store-operated calcium entry have been a long-standing mystery in calcium signaling. As in a study published just weeks earlier,1 these authors use an RNAi-based screen...

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