July 2023 crossword puzzle
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7. Staple that needs a hot and humid climate
8. Self-organized structure from a stem cell culture
9. Groups smaller than families
10. Metallic element with antimicrobial properties
11. Word before "tooth" or "tuning"
12. Non-native and harm-producing
15. Airtight, as a seal
17. Mammary passage
18. Scorpions' attacks
21. "On the ___ of Species"
22. Insect's respiratory opening
23. Organs with sclerae


1. Approximately four weeks, for a skin cell
2. Intense, as drought or disease
3. Plant anatomy specialist, for example
4. Some gametes
5. Bond relationships in chemistry
6. Result of combustion
13. Fluid-filled spaces in cells
14. Preparations whose effectiveness may be boosted with squalene
16. Kingdom name no longer used in taxonomy
17. Oncogene, vis-avis cancer
19. Blood classification
20. Pollen-carrying structures