August 2023 crossword
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Stella Zawistowski

8. Having both male and female characteristics
9. Material used in laboratory spatulas
10. ___ antigen detection test
11. Takes in air
12. Ion that can be pumped by cells against large gradients
14. 0.01 Gy
16. Motif found in proteins of the inner nuclear membrane
18. Deviating from the expected value
21. Carbon dioxide and water from cellular respiration
22. Not glossy
23. Way to quantitatively measure proteins in mixtures: Abbr.
24. Aggregate that may be magmatic or hydrothermal


1. Network that includes unmyelinated nerve fibers
2. Mollusk that clings tightly to rocks
3. Container of a plant embryo
4. NASA spaceflight program from 1961 to 1966
5. Condition with a lack of adequate blood supply
6. German astronomer known for his laws of planetary motion
7. Mountain range where Mouflon sheep can be found
13. Bones whose name comes, appropriately, from the Latin for "shoulder"
15. Old method of portable data storage
17. Material between cells, in eukaryotes
19. Like some football kicks
20. Between 90 and 180 degrees
21. Word before "data" or "ocean"
22. Signaling pathway that is activated in many breast cancers