Lab Tools (old)
Pulling Out Proteins
Kelly Rae Chi | Apr 1, 2009
Troubleshooting discovery and validation of protein biomarkers for cancer.
Mass Spectacle
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Mar 1, 2009
Making the most of mass spectrometry imaging.
Freeze Frame
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Feb 1, 2009
How to troubleshoot sample preparation for cryo-electron microscopy, an up-and-coming structural biology technique.
Let's Get Physical
Kelly Rae Chi | Jan 1, 2009
How to modify your tools to prevent pain at the bench.
Pluripotency for the Masses
Kelly Rae Chi | Dec 1, 2008
What beginners need to know as they dive into studies on pluripotent cells.
Lab Tools: Fret-free FRET
Kelly Rae Chi | Nov 1, 2008
How to put FRET biosensors to work for you when tracking cell signaling.
Lab Tools: Close Encounters
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Oct 1, 2008
Protein-protein interaction assays for all occasions.
Middling Measures
Kelly Rae Chi | Sep 1, 2008
Avoiding the pitfalls of medium-throughput SNP detection.
Modifications Abound
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Aug 1, 2008
How to conduct your next large-scale epigenetic analysis
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Aug 1, 2008
Researcher: Richard Young, member, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, Mass. Project: Mapping transcription factor binding across the yeast genome. Problem: Chromatin immunoprecipita