Cryptozoology: It's Not Dead Yet

The sequestration of cryptozoology in a small Swedish enclave?

Robert Phillips(
Jan 16, 2005

The sequestration of cryptozoology in a small Swedish enclave?1 Hardly! The field is burgeoning far beyond the wildest dreams of Heuvelmans or other 1950's era zoologists. Only a few examples will suffice to show that cryptozoology, under a variety of names, is pushing the search for life outward into unimagined domains. The quest for uncovering new and unique life forms is poised to race away from planet Earth.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence using radiotelescopes by the privately financed SETI Institute is well known and is more likely to succeed than the better-publicized search for Yeti. Within NASA and other space agencies, a human trip to Mars is in the offing, with one goal being the search for life. Plans are being drawn for exploration of Europa's oceans to look for extant life whose forms can only be imagined. Astrobiology, the search for life on other planetary bodies in...