Magazine Issues

January 2019

Cannabis on Board

Research suggests ill effects of cannabinoids in the womb

December 2018

Invisible Borders

An emerging appreciation for membraneless organelles and the liquid dynamics that shape them

November 2018

Intelligent Science

Wrapping our heads around human smarts

October 2018

Bright Lights, Big Problems

Scientists are exploring the ecological damage caused by artificially lit night skies

September 2018

The Muscle Issue

The dynamic tissue reveals its secrets

August 2018

Conscious Rodents?

The complex ethics of transplanting human brain organoids into rats and mice

July 2018

Climate Change

Which species are most vulnerable?

June 2018

Microbial Treasure

Newly discovered archaea reveal bizarre biology

May 2018

Rare Diseases

The realities of studying uncommon conditions

April 2018

Neuron Nets

Wrapped up in memory, addiction, and more

March 2018

The Transgender Brain

Researchers seek clues to the origins of gender dysphoria

February 2018

Plant Science to the Rescue

Research on plant microbiomes and viruses could save our food supply