Magazine Issues

January 2021

Expecting and Infected

What science is revealing about COVID-19 in mothers to be

December 2020

Dream Engineers

Manipulating the sleeping brain to understand it

November 2020

Death on the shore

Researchers investigate recent gray whale strandings along North America’s Pacific coast

October 2020

Brain-Body Crosstalk

Conversations between neurons and the immune system support learning, memory, and more

September 2020

Human Paths

Archaeology and genetics are starting to resolve humanity’s origin and spread

July/August 2020

Life During a Pandemic

Understanding the virus is just the beginning

June 2020

An Infant's Bounty

Babies amass microbes that can pave the way to a healthy life

May 2020

Making Memories

The fundamental cognitive process is revealing itself to science

April 2020

Exercise for Cancer

Molecular clues link physical activity to improved patient outcomes

March 2020

Rising Seas, Dead Trees

Ghost forests are a warning about climate change

January/February 2020

A Light in the Dark

Unpacking the Complex Neurobiology of Suicide

December 2019

Markers of Alzheimer's

Hints about brain health can be found in the blood