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Book Excerpt from <em>The Power of Rare</em>
Book Excerpt from The Power of Rare
Victoria Jackson, Michael Yeaman | May 1, 2018
In chapter 4, “Building a Cure Machine,” author Victoria Jackson reveals the challenges in launching a foundation focused on funding research on a rare disease.
Book Excerpt from <em>A Lab of One’s Own</em>
Book Excerpt from A Lab of One’s Own
Patricia Fara | Feb 28, 2018
In chapter 16, “Lessons of Science: Learning from the Past to Improve the Future,” author Patricia Fara examines where we’ve been and where we’re going in terms of valuing the influence of women in science.
Book Excerpt from <em>How to Feed the World</em>
Book Excerpt from How to Feed the World
Uris Baldos | Feb 11, 2018
In chapter 5, “The Technology Ticket,” contributing author Uris Baldos urges acceptance and investment in “precision agriculture” to provide for a burgeoning global population.
Book Excerpt from <em>Swearing is Good for You</em>
Book Excerpt from Swearing is Good for You
Emma Byrne | Jan 23, 2018
In chapter 1, “The Bad Language Brain: Neuroscience and Swearing,” author Emma Byrne sets the scene for her book by telling the story of the hapless and potty-mouthed Phineas Gage.
Book Excerpt from <em>Jane on the Brain</em>
Book Excerpt from Jane on the Brain
Wendy Jones | Nov 30, 2017
In chapter 3, “The Sense of Sensibility,” author Wendy Jones uses scenes from one of Jane Austen’s most celebrated novels to illustrate the functioning of the body’s stress response system.
Book Excerpt from <em>Rise of the Necrofauna</em>
Book Excerpt from Rise of the Necrofauna
Britt Wray | Sep 30, 2017
In chapter 4, “Why Recreate the Woolly Mammoth?” author Britt Wray explores the social consequences of bringing an iconic species back from extinction.
From Mass Death, Life
From Mass Death, Life
Steve Graff | Aug 15, 2017
When thousands of animals die during mass migrations, ecosystems accommodate the corpses and new cycles are set in motion.
Book Excerpt from <em>Ecotourism’s Promise and Peril</em>
Book Excerpt from Ecotourism’s Promise and Peril
Daniel T. Blumstein, Benjamin Geffroy, Eduardo Bessa, Diogo S.M. Samia | Aug 10, 2017
In the introduction to the book, its editors lay out the case for taking a serious, and mechanistic, look at how visiting natural places for pleasure affects ecology and animal behavior.
Book Excerpt from <em>Behave</em>
Book Excerpt from Behave
Robert Sapolsky | May 31, 2017
In the book’s introduction, author and neuroendocrinologist Robert Sapolsky explains his fascination with the biology of violence and other dark parts of human behavior.
Book Excerpt from <em>Flavor</em>
Book Excerpt from Flavor
Bob Holmes | Apr 30, 2017
Author Bob Holmes dove into the taste-determining realm of his genome.