M. Pagano, G. Draetta, P. Jansen-Durr, "Association of cdk2 kinase with the transcription factor E2F during S phase," Science, 255:1144-7, 1992.

M. Pagano, R. Pepperkok, F. Verde, W. Ansorge, G. Draetta, "Cyclin A is required at two points in the human cell cycle," EMBO Journal, 11:961-71, 1992.

Giulio F. Draetta (Mitotix Inc., Cambridge, Mass.): "The ordered progression of a eukaryotic cell through the cell cycle is absolutely required for maintaining the cellular homeostasis. Cells need to monitor events such as DNA replication, nuclear division, and cytokinesis, and let them occur only after any prior step has been completed. The interaction between individual cells and their surrounding environment also determines whether a cell should continue to divide or differentiate. Critical regulators of cell cycle progression were originally identified in yeast and, afterward, in higher eukaryotes. After the discovery of the human cdc2/cyclin B protein kinase complex and of its activation prior...

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