D.E. Williams, J. Eisenman, A. Baird, C. Rauch, et al., "Identification of a ligand for the c-kit proto-oncogene," Cell, 63:167-74, 1990.

N.G. Copeland, D.J. Gilbert, B.C. Cho, P.J. Donovan, et al., "Mast cell growth factor maps near the steel locus on mouse chromosome 10 and is deleted in a number of steel alleles," Cell, 63:175-83, 1990.

D.M. Anderson, S.D. Lyman, A. Baird, J.M. Wignall, et al., "Molecular cloning of mast cell growth factor, a hematopoietin that is active in both membrane bound and soluble forms," Cell, 63:235-43, 1990.

Douglas E. Williams (Immunex Corp., Seattle): "These studies provide a molecular explanation for the similar phenotypes of steel and W mutant mice. The former have mutations in a gene encoding a growth factor (called steel factor, MGF, SCF, or KL) while the latter have defects in the receptor for this growth factor (c-kit protooncogene).

"W and steel mutations result in defective gametogenesis,...

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