C. Cohen, D.A.D. Parry, "a-helical coiled coils and bundles: how to design an a-helical protein," Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics, 7:1-15, 1990.

Carolyn Cohen (Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.): "Exciting developments in a number of rapidly evolving areas of research probably evoked particular interest in our review: the so-called protein-folding problem, or `deciphering the second half of the genetic code'; and, closely related to this, the challenging new field of de novo design of protein structures. Added to these developments are recent discoveries about dimerizing motifs in such transcription factors as leucine zippers and helix-loop-helix proteins. "

In our review, we tackled the simplest, possibly most widespread, and certainly most instructive motif in proteins: the a-helical coiled coil. We tried to show how a good understanding of this fold illuminates the structure of many different classes of proteins. Moreover, the fact that this motif may...

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