C. Ellis, M. Moran, F. McCormick, T. Pawson, "Phosphorylation of GAP and GAP-associated proteins by transforming and mitogenic tyrosine kinases," Nature, 343, 377-81, 25 January 1990.

D.R. Kaplan, D.K. Morrison, G. Wong, F. McCormick, L.T. Williams, "PDGF b-receptor stimulates tyrosine phosphorylation of GAP and association of GAP with a signaling complex," Cell, 61, 125-33, 6 April 1990.

Frank McCormick (Cetus Corp., Emeryville, Calif.): "GTPase-activating protein (GAP) is a protein that binds to p21ras and converts it from the active form (GTP-bound) to the inactive form (GDP-bound). These papers show that GAP also binds to activated platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-receptor and to two phosphotyrosine-containing proteins designated p190 and p62. These observations raise the strong possibility that GAP is part of an illusive link between tyrosine kinase signaling pathways to those involving p21ras. Association of GAP with activated PDGF-receptor could have various intriguing consequences: GAP's ability to down-regulate p21ras could be compromised,...

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