R.J. Bandziulis, M.S. Swanson, G. Dreyfuss, "RNA-binding proteins as developmental regulators," Genes and Development, 3, 431-7, April 1989.

Gideon Dreyfuss (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia): "Protein structural comparisons led to the discovery of identifying and unifying features shared by RNA-binding proteins of the nucleus and cytoplasm. Many of these ribonucleoproteins contain an RNA-binding domain (RBD) of approximately 90 amino acids. This amino acid sequence is conserved in organisms as diverse as yeast and humans. The most highly conserved motif within the RBD is the ribonucleoprotein consensus sequence (RNP-CS). Frequently, these proteins contain several similar RBDs. In addition, all of these proteins contain at least one unique auxiliary domain. RNP-CS proteins display binding preferences for specific RNA sequences, and several have been shown to interact with pre-mRNA sequences important for pre-mRNA processing.

"The consensus motif has been used by many investigators to assign an RNA-binding function to newly discovered...

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