S. Hahn, S. Buratowski, P.A. Sharp, L. Guarente, "Isolation of the gene encoding the yeast TATA binding protein TFIID: a gene identical to the SPT15 suppressor of Ty element insertions," Cell, 58, 1173-81, 22 September 1989.

Steven Hahn (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle): "TFIID is one of the essential components in the machinery necessary to initiate transcription by RNA polymerase II. For eight years after the discovery of TFIID in mammals, little was known about it because of the difficulty in obtaining this component from mammalian sources. In 1988, the discovery of a homolog in yeast led to the purification of TFIID and the eventual cloning of the yeast TFIID gene. Cloning of the gene opened up a whole series of biochemical and molecular genetic approaches for studying the mechanism of transcription. These include the recent cloning of the TFIID genes from other eukaryotes, genetic screens to identify other...

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