(The Scientist, Vol:4, #22, pg. 20, November 12, 1990) (Copyright, The Scientist, Inc.)

-------- M.P. Scott, J.W. Tamkun, G.W. Hartzell III, "The structure and function of the homeodomain," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 989, 25-48, 28 July 1989.

Matthew P. Scott (Stanford University School of Medicine, Calif.): "The review is really a celebration of an exciting time in the study of the DNA-binding protein fragment called a homeodomain. People in dozens of labs are contributing to the fun, finding that homeodomains are involved in processes as varied as insect segmentation, vertebrate development, yeast mating type, eye development, and worm cell division patterns. The challenge for John Tamkun, George Hartzell, and me was to keep up with the pace of new information. John put in very long hours trying to make sense of the deluge of papers and came up with lots of good ideas, while George masterfully managed the computer analyses...

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