April 2019 Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

The Scientist Staff
Mar 31, 2019
Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

1. What hares and rheas are
5. Plant with pods known as “ladies’ fingers”
8. Saturn’s largest moon
9. Permeable water-bearing stratum
11. Bat
13. Rutherford, the “father of nuclear physics”
14. ___ access memory
17. Very rapid, as growth
20. Potential producer of a calf
21. Plain where a gaucho might roam
22. Vocalization of a humpback whale
23.  Notable occasion in April (2 wds.)

1. Leavers of pheromone trails
2. Like some pre-Columbian culture
3. Time of Copernicus
4. Habitat dominated by grasses and wildflowers
6. Drink of fermented milk
7. Science concerned with food production
10. Beyond the spectrum we can see
12. Discipline that may involve mapping
15. Annie who wrote Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
16. Target of Bletchley Park cryptanalysts
18. Groom as a peacock might
19. Youngster in the Outback

Click here for answer key.