August 2018 Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Jul 31, 2018
Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

7.    NASA probe of a gas giant
8.    Vermiform process connected to the cecum
9.    Macropus member
10.    Occasion for a student to use a blue boo
11.    Designer of early steam-powered ships
13.    More than a hypothesis
15.    Happening in springtime
17.    Turdus member, like the American robin
18.    Ungulates of the Serengeti
20.    World's largest living rodent
22.    Freshwater fish named for its coloration
23.    Natural thermonuclear fusion site

1.    Sedative of the quinazolinone class
2.    Pioneering 1972 video game from Atari
3.    Network of rabbit burrows
4.    Deracinate from the garden
5.    Where to find semicircular canals (2 words)
6.    Virus named for a forest in Uganda
12.   Chemical element also known as wolfram
14.   Cultivator of thorny bloomers
16.    Type of acid in sour milk
17.    Swamp tree of Mississippi
19.    6,853-km feature of Earth
21.    Rock-bottom kin of a perch

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