February 2018 TS Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

Jan 31, 2018
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon






ACROSS7.    Largest member of the oceanic dolphin family8.    Nitrogenous substance once thought to cause       food poisoning9.    An organ’s outer layer: Latin for “tree bark”10.  Sound from a chinchilla, mouse, or guinea pig11.  Folkloric shapeshifter or lycanthrope13.  Producer of hips15.  Bioluminescence17.  Allergic rhinitis (2 words)19.  Controlled substance with a morphine-like       effect21.  Alloy of tin and copper22.  Barrier breached by osmosis (2 words)23.  Location of the metacarpals




DOWN1.    Living high, like lemurs and sloths

2.    Layer between a planet’s core and crust

3.    Kind of predator 7 Across or 5 Down represents

4.    Musca domestica


5.    Cat spotted in rainforests

6.    Andean speaker of Quechua

12.  Connected with snakes

14.  Symptom of 17 Across

16.  Descriptor of an ancient mammoth

18.  Geologic spans larger than ages

20.  Exfoliation treatment in a spa

21.  Having no hair apparent?


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