February 2019 Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

The Scientist Staff
Jan 31, 2019
Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

1. Blood-sucking dipteran encountered at the beach
5. Leaf insect or walking stick, e.g.
8. Island home to the divi-divi tree
9. Rhombus or diamond
10. Statement from a mathematician
11. James Watt or Alexander Fleming
13. Having hypermobility (hyph.)
16. Plumbum, to old Romans
17. Creating a cicatrix
20. Paris agreement topic
21. Attractive to nectarivores
22. Fluid rich in white blood cells
23. Implement for dealing with 1-Across

1. Macroalgae
2. Micronesian nation once called Pleasant Island
3. Self-similar geometrical patterns
4. Vespula colony members
5. Lab course
6. Notably tailless feline (2 wds.)
7. Feature atop a cockatoo
12. Whisker of a 6-Down, e.g.
14. Extraction from pitchblende
15. Bright spot in Canis Major (2 wds.)
16. Opposite of general, in a way
18. Not chemically reactive
19. Math whiz featured in A Beautiful Mind

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