January 2018 TS Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

Dec 31, 2017
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon


1.    Big moment in the life of a cell
5.    Located in the region of the kidneys
8.    Having no right angles
9.    Masked man who took his name from a fox
10.  Down under canine
11.  Use for ambergris, musk, and civet
12.  Experimental runner of mazes (2 wds.)
14.  What diazepam treats
17.  Root crop of the species Manihot esculenta
19.  Guy who put the Howe in invention
22.  Oxymoron maker when applied to shrimp
23.  Niels Bohr: “How wonderful that we have met
       with a ___. Now we have some hope
       of making progress.”
24.  Avian features missing in moas
25.  Marsupial burrowers who avoid the 10-Across

1.    Spoke in the language of Angus or Brangus?
2.    Primary tool for a raptor
3.    Giant in the Sierra Nevada
4.    What antihistamines may make you
5.    Type of long, narrow, saltwater clam
6.    Nature’s opposite, in some contexts
7.    Female in family Felidae
12.  Sustained spasm of the masseter muscle; trismus
13.  One of southern Africa’s San people
15.  Pythagorean proposition
16.  Fruit tree with a handy name?
18.  Units posited by Democritus
20.  Home country of astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
21.  What X and Y chromosomes determine

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