January 2019 Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

The Scientist Staff
Dec 31, 2018
Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

1. Author of The Song of the Dodo and The Tangled Tree (2 wds.)
8. Eponym of a lab dish
9. Fingers and toes, to anatomists; feet, to poets
10. Prototypical caged wheel-runner
11. Prefix meaning “bone”
12. Groups between families and species
14. Like fillies but not like billies
17. U-shape bend in a river
19. Lagomorphs in warrens
22. Bird noted for singing in flight
23. Shrub in the heath family, for short
24. Fictional site of a cloning operation (2 wds.)

1. What bathymetrists see things in?
2. Ascorbic acid or riboflavin
3. Geologist’s term for material of glacial origin
4. Organic milk dispensers
5. Sight under van Leeuwenhoek’s lens
6. Home to the Nile Delta toad and the pleasant gerbil
7. Pass through a semipermeable membrane
12. Quail’s cousin, sometimes ruffed
13. Numbers yet to be crunched by an analyst (2 wds.)
15. Where Gila monsters are protected by law
16. Masculine mergansers or teals
18. Brackish Gulf Coast creek or marsh
20. Kind of acid associated with element #5
21. Name in neonatal care or in space trekking

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