July 2018 TS Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Jun 30, 2018
Note: The answer grid will contain every letter of the alphabet.
Emily Cox and henry rathvon

7.    Phycologist’s specimen
8.    What Carl Linnaeus is called
the “father” of
9.    Highest point on the celestial sphere
10.    Potential site of mammoth fossils
(2 wds.)
11.    Like Mendeleev’s table
13.    Bird giving New Zealanders
their nickname
15.    Branch of a feather’s main shaft
17.    Flowers in the genus Narcissus
19.    Nobelist with a namesake constant
21.    Loosestrife hue
22.    Body aiding coagulation
23.    What balloonfish may do in

1.    Succulent plant used in lotions (2 wds.)
2.    Island home to the Papenoo River
and the Fautaua Waterfall
3.    Pruritus
4.    Hormone associated with empathy
5.    Inuit garment made of caribou skin
6.    Prefix on science
12.    Storied case of dissociative identity disorder (2 wds.)
14.    Ecotourism draw
16.    Tuna kin whose name means
“pretty” in Spanish
18.    What red blackberries are
20.    Flower whose family includes
onions and garlic
21.    Spongy plant tissue

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