May 2019 Crossword

Try your hand at a sciency brain teaser.

The Scientist Staff
Apr 30, 2019
Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

1. Innermost ossicle of the middle ear
5. Nest material for some wasps
8. Camel’s South American cousin
9. Segmented worm
10. Form rust, say
11. Shrub pollinated by a moth
12. Temple pictured on the Cambodian flag (2 wds.)
16. Carnivora, for dogs, e.g.
18. Programming language of the 1950s
20. Variant of a chemical element
21. German thinker who wrote Science of Logic
22. Tree-graft sites
23. Mother of striped cubs

1. Swimmer using a ladder, maybe
2. Modern-day Mesopotamian
3. Vocalizing like a 23-Across
4. Relevant phenomenon in drug testing (2 wds.)
5. Flower in the violet family
6. Fetid ferret relative
7. Jellyfish’s kind of symmetry
12. Robot in human form
13. Wild sub-Saharan pig
14. Like the Galilean moons
15. Quadrilateral quartet
17. Underground network
19. Elephant loner

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