The Columbus Toxicity Analyzer measures the impact of toxic substances on organic life by using bacteria cultures. It measures the rate of production of CO2 and O2 consumption, parameters that are directly related to the rate of growth of aerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria also can be monitored using methane and CO2 sensors. Up to 80 different culture samples can be tested at the same time, on a continuous basis, with periodic printouts and graphic presentation of gas exchanges vs. time in the head space of each chamber. Sensitivity is on the order of 0.2 fg O2/hr.

Columbus Instruments International Corp.
Columbus, OH
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Aequorin, the bioluminescent molecule originally isolated from jellyfish and other marine organisms, emits a blue light upon binding calcium. AquaLite recombinant aequorin, isolated and purified from genetically engineered E. coli, is not toxic to cells and does not contain unidentified contaminants....

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