Arrests, Investigations Over Vaccine Scandal in China
Arrests, Investigations Over Vaccine Scandal in China

Arrests, Investigations Over Vaccine Scandal in China

Changsheng is found to have forged records for a rabies vaccine and is accused of distributing thousands of substandard DPT immunizations to be used in children.

Kerry Grens
Jul 27, 2018

Vaccine maker Changsheng fudged documentation on the quality of materials used in its rabies vaccine and violated the law, a Chinese government investigation has found. The conclusion comes as 15 people, including the chair of the company, are arrested on “suspicion of criminal offences,” Al Jazeera reports.

“The company used expired materials to produce some rabies vaccine and falsified the production date,” according to a government investigation cited by Reuters. “To cover up violations, the company systematically fabricated production and testing records.”

The fallout from the falsified records on the rabies vaccines comes amid news about another serious lapse by Changsheng in which it allegedly sold more than 250,000 doses of an ineffective diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (DPT) vaccine.

Problems emerged with Changsheng’s products last year, when China’s regulatory authority found the DPT vaccine to be subpar. Then this summer, Changsheng voluntarily recalled its rabies vaccine after admitting...

Together, the scandals have sown distrust among parents. “We always say that kids are the nation’s future, but if we can’t ensure the safety of such a future, what does the future hold for us?” Huo Xiaoling, whose 1-year-old daughter received a vaccine made by Changsheng, tells The New York Times. She adds that she won’t buy any more Chinese-made vaccines.

The Times notes that there is no evidence anyone has been hurt by the DPT vaccines.