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Volume 16 | Issue 13 | 29 | Jun. 24, 2002

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D.H. Burke et al., "Allosteric Hammerhead Ribozyme TRAPs," Biochemistry, 41:6588-94, May 28, 2002.

"Hammerhead ribozyme activity has been upregulated allosterically more than 250-fold with "activator" DNA oligonucleotides that bind not to the ribozyme core, but to an "attenuator" region appended to the ribozyme. The upregulation of single-turnover activity could be increased even further by inclusion of 'antiattenuator' sequence on the activating oligo. Several features of the work offer interesting potential for more general application: (1) The assembly order of the ribozyme, substrate, and activating oligonucleotide affects the final activity level; (2) Neither the activator nor the...

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