A. Fahmy, G. Wagner, "TreeDock: A tool for protein docking based on minimizing van der Waals energies," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 124:1241-50, Feb. 20, 2002.

"Current understanding of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions is very limited. This paper describes a new algorithm that allows exploration of the interaction surface very fast and consequently at very fine resolution. The rationale behind the program is to keep the two molecules always in contact. This program seems to be very powerful in combination with some experimental data as illustrated in several examples in the paper. Implementation of mobility for the docking surfaces will be the essential next step, as pointed out by the authors."

—Dorothee Kern,
Brandeis University, US

J. Buhler, "Efficient large-scale sequence comparison by locality-sensitive hashing," Bioinformatics, 17:419-28, May 2001.

"The researchers describe a fast heuristic method for finding statistically significant similarities between long...

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