J.A. Camarero et al., "Peptide chemical ligation inside living cells: In vivo generation of a circular protein domain," Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 9[9]:2479-84, September 2001.

F1000 Rating: Recommended
"To investigate whether chemo-selective peptide ligations work in vivo, the authors demonstrate the in vivo head-to-tail cyclization of a bioactive SH3 domain using native chemical ligation. The protein precursor was constructed using a clever combination of an intein-fusion protein and cleavage of an N-terminal Met-Cys-Gly motif by an endogenous protease. Such cyclic proteins and peptides may be applied to peptide libraries or to improve the stability of
cellular proteins."
--Philip Dawson,
Scripps Research Institute, US

Structural Biology

S. Ghaemmaghami, T.G. Oas, "Quantitative protein stability measurement in vivo," Nature Structural Biology, 8[10]:879-82, October 2001.

F1000 Rating: Must Read
"The authors present the first quantitative comparison between the stability of a protein in vitro and in the cytoplasm of Escherichia coli using amide hydrogen...

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