Photo: C. Garasi, C. Galino, N. Miller, A. Simon, J. & B. Peterson and the NMSU Visualization Center (scanning)

'WAKE-UP CALL': Comet Hale-Bopp could help illustrate the dangers of superstition, according to codiscoverer Alan Hale.
He helped to discover Comet Hale-Bopp, science's biggest media darling since Dolly the cloned sheep, but astronomer Alan Hale has more earthly concerns these days. The adjunct professor of astronomy at New Mexico State University is worried about how difficult the funding situation has made it for young scientists to launch careers, and is hoping to use his newfound fame to bring attention to the problem. Hale has circulated an E-mail message asking for "horror stories" from colleagues who have encountered heavy competition while looking for jobs, gone from one postdoctoral fellowship to another, left science altogether, and so on. He plans to share the stories with the press and government officials. "I want...

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